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Sartorius Balances - Cubis Semi-Micro 0.01 g (MSA) Models25S, 225P, & 125P


 Features of the MSA, MSE and MSU display solutions:


Cubis meets the strict criteria for Advanced Pharma Compliance. It’s ideal for quality management systems in the regulated areas of pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.  The controls’ guidance features prevent time-consuming and cost-intensive operating errors.


Standard units come with a DU, manual draft shield with improved sample visibility and advanced guide rails for easy opening/closing.  Standard units also come with assisted leveling, standard certificates of compliance.  RS232C and USB connections. Weighing chamber height above pan = 216mm (10.3”) (DU, DA, DI)


Unique advantages of the Cubis:

¨     Five-digit toploading lab balance

¨     Optimal interchangeability or extension of modules

¨     Shorter innovation cycles for individual modules

¨     Faster development of additional modules

¨     A Q-Pan off-center load compensation

¨     A full range of accessories that enable you to customize your balance even further


Cubis exclusive modular system lets you order what you need - complete units or design your own:

§       display-control unit

§       draft shield

§       communication

§       certificates-test report

§       and more!


The MSA display and control unit features:

·       A high-contrast TFT touch screen for clear and easy viewing

·       Customize the screen to your individual needs to ensure fast and error-free operations

·       Outstanding display  quality, especially for complex applications that require substantial text input

·       Automatic leveling

·       MSU/MSA units also come with SD card readers and Ethernet TCP/IP ports



Model 225S 225P 125P
Readability mg 0.01 0.01/0.02/0.05 0.01/0.1
Capacity g 220 60/120/220 60/120
Tare range (subtractive) g -220 -220 -120
Repeatability (std. deviation) <±mg 0…60g:0.015 60…220g: 0.025 0…60g:0.015 60…220g: 0.04 0…60g:0.015 60…120g: 0.06
Linearity <±mg 0.1 0.15 0.15
Corner load (Test load [g]) mg 0.15 (100) 0.2 (100) 0.15 (50)
Minimum sample weight* mg 20 20 20
Sensitivity drift within +10…+30°C / +10…+50°F ppm/K 1 1 1
Average stablilization time s <2 <2 <2
Average weighing time / fine range s <6 <6 <6
External calibration weight (of at least accuracy class…) g 200 (E2) 200 (E2) 100 (E2)
Display update rate (depends on the filter level selected) s 0.2-0.4 0.2-0.4 0.2-0.4
Weighing pan dimensions (W x D) mm / in 85 x 85 / 3.3 x 3.3
Weighing chamber height (DU draft shield) mm / in 261 / 10.2
Protection Degree of Protection against dust and water
* = Typ8ical minimum sample weight acc. To USP, USP31-NF26

Sartorius Balances - Cubis Semi-Micro  0.01 g (MSA) Models25S, 225P, & 125P
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Product NumberDescriptionCapacity (g)Resolution (mg)PackagingQtyPrice
23-1002-01MSA Display solution2200.01Each
23-1002-02MSA Display solution60/120/2200.01/0.02/0.05Each
23-1002-03MSA Display solution60/1200.01/0.1Each


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